7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of 2022 in India

The crypto request is growing at a rapid-fire pace. This has led to the emergence of further and further cryptocurrency exchanges in India. There are presently further than 15 Indian Cryptocurrency exchange platforms. The competition between these exchanges is veritably high. It’s anticipated that by 2022, there will be around 10 to 20 top-class cryptocurrency exchange platforms in India which will make trading cryptocurrencies easier for newcomers and educated dealers likewise.

I have tried a lot of cryptocurrency exchanges and today I will explain which one is the best for you. These cryptocurrency exchanges are listed on the basis of their ranking. The one on top will be better than the other below it.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India[2022]

Listed below are the best cryptocurrency exchanges available in India where you can buy every type of Crypto Coins, be it Dogecoin, Raven, or Shibu Inu.



WazirX is one of the most renowned Crypto exchanges currently in India and is a user-friendly crypto exchange having simple trading enabled features with high-class robust security. It was founded in 2018 and is currently acquired by the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance.

Deposit Options

Money can be deposited in WazirX through various ways like UPI, IMPS, RTGS, and NEFT. Currently, in December 2021, WazirX has disabled some of its deposit options, The currently available deposit options are Net Banking, Wallet Transfer, and WazirX P2P.

WazirX P2P

The most unique feature which WazirX offers then other crypto exchanges in India is WazirX P2P. WazirX P2P helps you convert your money to crypto instantly where WazirX acts as a trust for the safekeeping of the transaction. This feature of WazirX made it the best crypto exchange in India.

2. CoinSwitch Kuber


CoinSwitch Kuber was founded in 2017 and is the most user-friendly crypto exchange I have ever tested. Coin switch Kuber is the easiest crypto exchange to understand and invest in cryptocurrency. This crypto exchange offers more than 300+ coins with a user base of 7.5 million.

For absolute beginners, This is the best exchange to start with. Start your crypto journey with just Rs.100. The biggest reason for the success of Coinswitch Kuber is its user-friendly interface and simple registration process. Its simple and quick registration process allows its user to get started quickly. With no deposit and withdrawal fees, it is considered one of the best crypto exchanges ever in India.

Features of CoinSwitch Kuber:

  • Instant Trading: Simple and Quick KYC registration
  • No Fees: No withdrawal or Deposit Fees
  • Zero Brokerage: CoinSwitch Kuber offers Zero Brokerage.Users can trade without any hidden fees.
  • Minimal Initial Deposit: User’s can start with ₹100.Its helps beginners to understand the crypto market.

3. Binance India


Binance started as a crypto exchange in 2017. It is currently the biggest exchange in the crypto industry. Binance offers more than 350+ coins to invest in whether they are altcoins, bitcoins, or Ethereum.

This crypto exchange offers interest on the holdings of users. Binance India also offers peer-to-peer options like WazirX. Binance acquired WazirX back in 2019. As per the comparison between WazirX and Binance, you should choose WazirX as Binance has some high withdrawal fees. Binance is an international crypto exchange so its withdrawal charges are also high.

Binance charges a minimum of $100 in withdrawal fees whereas WazirX charges ₹10 per withdrawal.

For people who want to do high-volume trading, Binance is the better option, as it has a lot more crypto coins and fast servers that don’t crash as much during peak trading times.

4. Coin DCX


CoinDCX is one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges in India.It has been active since 2018 and has more than 200+ cryptocurrencies to trade in. CoinDCX is one of the safest crypto exchange platforms available in India.

This is another user-friendly and easy-to-use exchange for beginners like Kuber. It has some great features like instant buy and sell, limitless trading, and low trading and withdrawal fees. CoinDCX trading charges are 0.04% for the takers and 0.06% for the makers. Takers are the ones who take an order from the order book.

5. Zebpay


Zebpay is one of the oldest crypto exchanges to be launched in the market when no other cryptocurrency exchange apps were there. It was founded in 2014. This cryptocurrency exchange offers a simple, user-friendly interface. Users can start buying crypto on Zebpay with as low as ₹100.

This cryptocurrency exchange offers different kinds of deposit methods like Net Banking(1.77% Deposit Fees), UPI(₹7 Deposit Fees), Instant Deposit(₹7 Deposit Fees), and Bank Transfer( Free). Zebpay charges 0.25% as taker’s fee, 0.10% as maker’s fee, and 1.10% for intraday trading. It also has a monthly membership fee of ₹75.



BuyUCoin is another cryptocurrency exchange available in India. Although this exchange is not so famous, it has its own currency like WazirX called BUC which users can you to pay transactional fees. This cryptocurrency exchange offers more than 120 coins to invest in including popular coins like Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Ripple, and Ethereum.

BuyUCoin is good as it has some good features like fast buy and sell, User-Friendly UI, and minimum INR withdrawal of ₹10.

7. UnoCoin


Uno Coin is considered the oldest cryptocurrency exchange in India before India witnessed the crypto-boom. This app has currently around 15lakh users registered. This app has a sale schedule feature that enables users to automatically sell their cryptocurrencies at a specific rate on a certain date and time.

UnoCoin charges a Maker’s fee of 0.4%, Taker’s fee of 0.6%, and a fee of 0.7% on all buying and selling orders which is relatively higher than other crypto exchanges in India.

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Note: The list of 7 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges of 2022 in India, is made only after doing a lot of research work and personally testing all these exchanges. Thus doing investment in crypto using these applications is completely safe.

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