9 Best Blogspot SEO Tips For Bloggers 2021

In the previous article, I talked about how to create a free blog on Blogspot and showed you the perfect guide to improve it. Today we will talk about the SEO of Blogspot. One of the major drawbacks of Blogspot in front of WordPress is the lack of SEO tools and settings as there are no SEO plugins for Blogspot.

But still, there are a few tips and settings that you can add to your Blogspot to get a high ranking on Google and improve your Blogspot SEO. All you need to do is to keep all these tips in your mind and work consistently on them.

Blogspot by Google is a free-to-use blogging platform and many newbies use it initially. It is good to use Blogspot in case you don’t have any knowledge related to blogging and then later migrate to WordPress if you want to take blogging seriously. So here are few amazing tips to help in increasing the SEO of your Blogspot.

Blogspot SEO Tips 2021

1.Creating High Quality Content

This is the most important and basic tip that every blogger should follow whether he is a new/old blogger or his blogging platform is WordPress or Blogspot. Google algorithm does not rank content mostly on SEO but rather it ranks the content based on its quality. Every time you go to write a blog post always keep these points in mind:

  • Ensure that the content is truly valuable from the audiences’ point of view.Always provide content that is useful to the audience as it makes the visitor a returning visitor which eventually with time increases Google ranking.
  • Break the paragraph in 3-4 sentences as no one is intrested in reading long paragraphs.
  • Always check your posts for grammatical mistakes before publishing.Content that is well written increases Google ranking.Grammaly is a free tool which can be used to check grammatical mistakes in blog posts.
  • Never try to post duplicate content on your blog as it badly affects your Google ranking.Using duplicate content if you try to apply for Adsense you will get rejected with the reason as Valuable Inventory Scraped Content.

2.Length of Article

In SEO, the ideal blog post length should be nearly 2000-2500 words. But it is not necessary that you write every article in 2500 words and it will rank higher. The ranking of articles depends on a variety of things like keywords, backlinking, domain authority. Yoast SEO recommends the minimum article length should be 300 words. Article having length between 1000-1500 also ranks much better.

It depends on what purpose your article is. If it is an answer or explaining things in depth then lengthy articles help better or if it is to increase sales then 1000-1500 is also good.

Writing articles between 2000-2500 words is considered a good length of the article. The article should be not too short nor too lengthy. Writing lengthy articles shows your knowledge and authority over a particular subject. Writing an article about a particular topic in-depth for a particular audience increases your chance of ranking better and in case your particular audience is less, your chance of converting visitors into sales increases.

3.Keyword Placement

Keywords are the most important aspect of SEO. Placing keywords at proper positions increases SEO score to a great extent. The following points should be noted about keywords.

  1. Always place the targetted keyword in the title tag of the article.
  2. Use only one H1 tag in your article and place the keyword in that tag.
  3. Use slightly higher keyword density then the avergae ranked sites.There are many free keyword density tools available.But please do not overuse keywords.Google alogrithm focuses more on quality of the article then the the SEO.Place usually one keyword in 150-200 words.
  4. Place the targetted keyword in ALT text of the image added.

5. Rename the image file whenever added to the blog. If you upload an image of an apple in your blog article rename it to apple.jpg.Do not upload images with the name 00000839.jpg.

4.Add your Blogspot Blog to Google Search Console

Adding your Blogspot to Google Search Console helps a lot in Blogspot SEO. It is a powerful tool to manage and monitor how your blog ranks in the search result. Search Console helps you to index your new posts to Google search bots. Alerts you whenever there is any issue related to your site.

Steps to link Blogspot to Google Search Console:

  1. Sign in to Google Search Console with the same Google account with which your Blogspot is connected

2. At the top left corner click the 3 lines and select Add property.

3. Enter your BlogSpot URL in the URL Prefix Tab and press Continue.


4. It will immediately verify your Blogspot and you will see Ownership Auto Verification in Green Box.


5.Image Format For BlogSpot SEO

Image optimization plays a very important role in the SEO of a website. Follow these simple steps for Image Optimization:

  • Alt Tag: Alt Tag stands for alternate tag.It is one of the most important aspect of image SEO.The alt tag help search engine bots to indentify the topic of the image.If the search engine bots are not able to identify the topic of the image then it becomes difficult for them to understand them which results in bad SEO score.When you add an image to blogspot always name the alt tag according to the topic of the image and if possible try to insert the keyword you are ranking for.
  • Image Size and Type: Image size is very important for your website.Images having huge size badly affects the speed of your blog which drastically lowers ranking in search engine.Search Engines focus a lot on the page speed of a website thus image should be compressed before uploading them on your blog.
  1. Use this Image compressor before uploading any image on Blogspot to protect your Blogspot SEO.

2. Try to use. JPG format for images then. PNG {JPG TO PNG CONVERTER}

  • Name of Image: Before adding any image to the blog post always name them properly.This helps search engine bots to recognise the topic e.g if an image of an apple is having a default name as 21N.Jpg rename it apple with the targetted keyword in it like apple-blogspot.jpg (Here Blogspot is the targetted keyword)

I have already explained Permalinks in my previous Blogspot Article Here. Permalinks are the URL created for a blog post. By default, the permalinks generated for posts are lengthy and not SEO friendly which does not contribute to the SEO of the blog.

To Set-up a custom permalink, Head to the right side of the blog editor and click on Permalink.

  • Click on Custom Permalink,Add the post title and the targetted keyword in it.
    • E.g the title of the blogpost is (How to fix blogspot seo and targetted keyword is blogspot) so the permalink should be (Fix-blogspot-seo)

7.SEO Optimized Themes

Bloggers by default come with simple and ancient-styled themes which do not contribute to the SEO score of the blog. Installing SEO Optimized themes are well responsive, have fast loading speed, and are mobile-friendly.

Fast Loading Speed: Page Loading speed is the important factor contributing to the higher ranking of blogs.Set up templates that have a high Google Page Speed Score.

Mobile-Friendly: Nowadays most of the traffic is generated from mobile devices. Thus the blog should be mobile-friendly.Before setting up any template always test it with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Tool.

Some Recommended Free Themes:

SEO Boost Template: This is a fully Blogspot SEO optimized theme that helps to launch a fully functional Website in less than a minute. This template is very flexible, easily customized, and well Optimized.

Spicer Blogspot Template: This is a simple and clean Blogspot SEO-optimized theme with an elegant design. This is a fully responsive theme and supports any device or screen.

8.Enable Meta Tags in BlogSpot

Meta tags are tags used to give a little piece of information to search engines and visitors of the site. Meta tags are an important component of SEO. Thus by enabling Meta tags in bloggers, the Blogspot SEO can improve. Meta tags consist of Title tags and Meta Descriptions. Title tag refers to the title of the blog and Meta Description gives a little piece of description to search engines and visitors of the blog.

This Red Box represents Meta Description

Meta Descriptions are not enabled in Blogger by default, To enable follow these steps:

  • On Blogger Dashboard,Head To Settings.
  • Scroll down and Find Meta Tags
  • Enable Search Description
  • Go to any post of your Blog,on the right sidebar you will see a new option Search Description (Basically Meta Description)

Try to write an attractive Meta Description and always add the Targeted Keyword in it. This will help in Better SERP’s ranking. A meta description is an important tool for the users and search engines. When the post appears on search users tend to see meta descriptions for relevance to their queries. Writing attractive meta descriptions can increase traffic for your site.

9.Internal Linking To Improve On-Page SEO

Internal linking is an important factor of ON-PAGE SEO. It means any link from one page of your website to another page. Internal linking is the key to a higher ranking on Google. On your Blogspot article always try to add links to your other posts in them. This not only helps in the BlogSpot SEO of the Website but ranks the other linked page as well.

Internal linking also contains Anchor Text. Anchor Text is the visible words that link display when linking to another page.

Here this Blue text represents Anchor Text.

Google recommends if you are doing internal linking, try to add the targetted keyword in your Anchor Text. Anchor Text is a part of linking, if you use it wisely it will definitely improve your ranking.

This was all from my side on improving your Blogger SEO. If you enjoyed and found this article helpful don’t forget to drop a comment below.

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