6 Major Ways To Monetize Your Website Other Than Adsense

Do you know different ways to monetize your website?

If not, then jump into this article to find major ways of website monetization…

Usage of the internet is increasing drastically, As of January 2021, there are 4.6 billion active internet users.

Due to this vast userbase, people found ways to make money from the internet e.g lead generation or affiliate on websites, blogs, etc.

Making money online is now of the best decisions ever, so if you have a website(How To Make a Website) and want to monetize your website then you must have heard of Google’s Adsense.

But Adsense is not the only way to monetize your website, there are plenty of ways which can monetize your website other than AdSense.

Best Ways To Monetize Your Website other than Adsense (Adsense Alternatives 2021)

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is considered the best way to make money(not the quickest) from websites and blogs. If you are a blogger you must have heard the importance of affiliate, It is the main source of earning for Top Bloggers.

If you have heard about by Harsh Agarwal, he makes about $30,000 a month from affiliate marketing.

In Affiliate marketing, you sell products or services of other websites/blogs, for some commission. When someone visits your website and clicks on the product or service of other websites, they are redirected to their website and if they make a purchase there, you will get paid.

The commission earned varies from brand to brand.

The best way to monetize your website in 2021 is Affiliate Marketing and it depends mostly on your niche. Different niches have different affiliate providers with different rates and policies.

Earning Potential

The earning from affiliate marketing varies a lot because it not only depends on the traffic received by the website but also on the lead generation, How many leads are generated by the website?

The amount earned varies from $100-$80,000 a Month, The website should be able to generate leads.

Top Affiliate Providers

  1. Commission Junction
  2. ShareASale
  3. Clickbank
  4. Amazon Associates
  5. BlueHost (Hosting Providers)

2. Sell Your Free Ad Space

You can simply sell your ad spaces that are vacant on your website, You can sponsor websites/products of different brands and get paid.

You can get paid for the number of visitors you receive per month or you can directly say that this ad space will cost $X per month.

The pricing for an ad space totally depends on the traffic (Website’s Worth), if you receive tons of traffic, it can be $500-$1000 per month or with a little traffic $50-$100 per month.

There are some popular websites where you can inform sponsors about vacant ad space:

Earning Potential

Either you can get clients from BuySellAds or you need to find clients directly. On average you can earn $400-$1600 per month. Earning by this source totally depends on the traffic of the website.

3.Flip Your Website

I don’t recommend this option mostly, but if you are in need of money, you can flip your website. If your Website is making around $400 per month then you can flip it for $5000-$10,000(15x-20x of your monthly income).

Fliping of the website means selling of website, there are buyers out there ready to buy your website. But I don’t recommend this because if you work on your website for almost a year, it can be turned into a long-term passive income.

Flipping Platforms

  1. Flippa-Most Popular
  2. FE International

4.Sell Your Own Product( Course or E-Book)

As of January 2021, a lot of people are learning new skills on the internet. If you have the skill to teach, you can convert it into a course(Set of Videos) or an E-Book. Selling your own digital product is an effective way to earn money and increase your reach.

However it may look simple but you will need to work on the course or ebook to make it effective, creating good and effective products take time and money e.g (design, content, video editing, etc.).

You will also need to create a landing page and set up a payment gateway for your digital product to have a strong conversion rate.

Otherwise, you can sell your course on platforms like Udemy or Skillshare.

Earning Potential

Earning through digital products depends on the popularity of these products. However, on average, you can make up to $400-$2000 per month.

5. Ask for Donations

Simply add a Paypal donation button at the end of your post and ask people for donations if they like your content.

Now you might think who’s gonna donate to you, let me make it clear that on some big websites like Wikipedia, the only source of revenue is a donation. You should express the cause you sustain for readers to donate.

If your content is really helpful, people will definitely donate or If your website is about NGOs, Helping the homeless then you will definitely receive tons of donations.

Websites Monetized with Donation


6. Product Review

Writing product reviews are a simple and effective way to make quick money. Choose the product that fits your niche interest and start giving reviews, as soon as people will start watching your reviews several brands will approach you to make a review of their products.

You can not only review physical products but also digital products such as software or plugins etc.

Give a review about any software, plugin, or product and share its an affiliate link for clients to buy, whenever someone will make a purchase you will get your desired share. You will also get paid by those approached brands.

Earning Potential

Earning will vastly depend on the brand and the niche, some niche like fashion provides huge profit for product reviews, on average you can make $300-$400 per review.

7. Sponsored Posts

If your website is really doing good, having a good amount of traffic then brands will reach out to you for a sponsored post, they can pay money in return or a post on their site.

Both of these things are helpful in blogging as they will provide a quality link to your website, make sure the site you are linking to is genuine as SEO vastly depends on backlinks.

Some famous bloggers charges around $2500 per sponsored post, but as you are just starting so you can charge around $100-$250 per post. You will need to work a lot only after then you will find sponsored posts flooding your inbox.

How To Get Sposored Posts As A Beginner ?

For beginners, you will need to find products or services that fit your niche, something that is related to your website. Now go to the websites of these services and products and find their contact details like email, You will mostly get that in the About us or Contact us section.

Now it’s time for some Cold Email with an offer so to get a sponsored post from them, Below is a format given for a cold email.

“Hi John

My Name is Faheem and I am currently running a blog at, I really loved your [Service or Product] and I thought we could partner for a sponsored post on my blog.

My blog is currently having monthly traffic of [Insight]. Your product really fits my niche and my readers would definitely love it.


8. Using Website as Portfolio

In this method, you can use your website to show off your skills for a certain subject. Using your website to create a HIRE ME section not only shows your premium skills but also gets you projects, offers and enlights the advantage of brands working with you.

If you are a Freelancers use this way to monetize your website.

In the HIRE ME section you can talk about your major projects, show off some of your recent achievements, and with time you can get great offers that will bring you easy money.

  • Check this article by Nicole Fenton on How To create a HIRE ME Section.

Below are some websites monetized by Hire ME Method

Final Words:

Using different ways to monetize your website is always beneficial as it diversifies the source of revenue. The most important thing in a website is the quality of content, it should be better and useful for the audience.

Giving importance to content writing and SEO of a Website will eventually increase the traffic which results in an increase in earnings. So the main aim of new bloggers should be Top class content and an SEO-Friendly Website.

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