Top 10 Money Earning Apps in India (2023)

Looking For Money Earning Apps 2023? Well you are at the right place, scroll down this article and know about the Top 10 Money Earning Apps (Trusted and Tested)

Earning Money is an important aspect of our life. We all spend hours on our phones scrolling Instagram or watching Youtube Videos. There are plenty of money earning apps in which we can invest our time and earn money. Well, I will not say that you can make a living from those apps, But they will boost your income and will help you to earn money from your phone on which you were spending hours uselessly.

We Spend time doing stupid things. Why not convert that time in earning some extra money using money earning apps?

What do We need?

Just a Smartphone. One of the best ways to earn money in your leisure time is money earning apps in India. These apps can help students earn money by spending their time completing tasks. We have prepared a well-trusted and tested list of Top 10 Money Earning Apps. Working in these apps can help you get a part-time income.

How Do Money Earning Apps Work?

You might be thinking about how these apps can help you earn money. These apps are based on the cashback reward system, referral programs, and affiliate system.

  • They have referral programs that can help you earn money by referring others.
  • They are also based on a cashback reward system that helps you to earn some cash on completing a task or making a purchase.
  • Most popularly they are based on affiliate which is one of the most ways to earn a good amount of money.
  • Using these money earning apps in India can help in converting your lesiure time into earning some money.

How Much You Can Make From Money Earning Apps?

Well, we cannot say that you can make a living out of it. You can make a decent amount against the time given to the app and you even don’t need to make any investment.

To use these money earning apps in India, Just download them from Play Store if you are an Android User or from App Store if you are an iOS User.

Once Downloaded Install them and register using email or Mobile No. , Follow the onscreen instructions and get started to make money. Update your profile and provide the correct information as it will help to work in the best possible way.

List of Top 10 Money Earning Apps in India (2023)

  1. CashKaro
  2. Meesho
  3. User Testing
  4. Loco
  5. Dream 11
  6. Google Opinion Rewards
  7. EarnKaro
  8. HoneyGain App
  9. User Feel
  10. Swagbucks

1.CashKaro (Money Earning Apps)


CashKaro is India’s largest cashback site which offers cashback and coupon code discounts. By using CashKaro you get the best cashback and coupon codes on all available shopping websites.

The cashback offered by CashKaro is real money that can be transferred to your Bank Account. The minimum Threshold withdrawal is Rs.250, Average shoppers can save up to 50,000Rs. each year by shopping on CashKaro.

  • CashKaro offers Highest Cashback Guarantee
  • Cashback earned can be Transferred directly to Bank Account
  • Invite Friends and earn 10% of their cashback forever

How To Earn From CashKaro

You can save and also earn some money from CashKaro.Whenever someone in your family or friend circle wants to do online shopping from famous websites like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. Just do their shopping from your CashKaro account, you will earn some extra money as cashback.

CashKaro also offers Refer System. Invite and refer friends to earn 10%of the cashback amount they earn forever.

  1. Download CashKaro App(Available for both iPhone & Android) or Log in to
  2. Sign up and click on the shopping site,you want to shop from
  3. Whenever you make a purchase,you will earn some cashback which will be credited your CashKaro account.

2.Meesho (Money Earning Apps)


If you want to start an online business without investment, Meesho is one of the best money earning apps in India. Anyone like Housewifes or students can make a living out of Meesho.

Meesho is a perfect reselling platform, Just download the app choose the product, and get all products at wholesale prices. You can share the products to all social media platforms at your own desired cost.

Steps To Earn From Meesho

  1. Download the Meesho App and Sign up to fill in the necessary details.
  2. Once you find the desired product, share it with your contacts, friends, or clients and on platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram to start getting orders.
  3. Once you received the order, add your profit to the wholesale price and place orders for your clients.

3.User Testing (Money Earning Apps)

User Testing is an Online Product Testing. Users have to provide feedback and share their perspectives with top global brands to get paid. User testing is important as it lets the team find any bug in the product/website before the final product goes live. They will provide you with some websites and mobile apps to test and share your perspective.

User Testing is the best money earning apps to make some extra bucks. You can get $4 for the 5-minute test, $10 for every 20-minute test, and between $30 to $120 for live interviews.

Steps To Earn From User Testing

1.Click Here to jump to User Testing’s official website

2. Enter your email and click Get Started.

3. You will receive a mail asking you to fill your application form.

4. They will provide you with a sample video test and ask you to share your perspective on that.

5. Within 24 hours, you will receive a mail regarding your application.

Check out this YouTube Video for a clear understanding…

4.Loco (Money Earning Apps)


Loco is a live game streaming platform for the Indian gaming community. It is one of the money earning apps in India as it pays you for watching live streams. On Loco you can watch India’s best gaming streamers playing games. You can also be a streamer on Loco to build your own gaming community.

It pays for playing and watching game videos on Loco. You can play games like Bubble Shotter, Ludo or Pool, etc. The best part of Loco is that it not only pays for watching videos but also plays you for answering quiz questions.

The coins earned can be redeemed in form of Google Play Vouchers.

5.Dream 11


Dream 11 is the most popular fantasy apps in India and one of the best money earning apps. It is widely famous among cricket fans of India and is based on the cricket fantasy league. This app requires knowledge and strategy related to cricket, cricket fans should try it.

You can make from small to very large amounts of money on Dream 11. If you are good at cricket knowledge and strategy making, you should give it a try. Through this app you can earn up to lakhs, everything depends on your prediction, knowledge, and luck. The best part is the referral system. The app also pays for inviting your friends to play.

  1. The app is available for both android or iOS.
  2. Register and add necesary details.
  3. Go and Play Hard! and invite friends to earn more.

6.Google Opinion Rewards


Google opinion rewards is simply one among the money earning apps. You just have to answer some surveys and earn credits. Getting started with this app is quite easy

Download the app, sign in with your Google account and fill in necessary details like address, Pincode, and country. You will receive up to one survey per week. Answer the surveys accurately to receive more surveys. It can pay up to Rs.30-35 per survey

The money earned gets directly in your Google Play Balance and can be used to purchase paid apps, books, music, or do any in-app purchase.



EarnKaro is a social cashback app.It works on the model of affiliate marketing which is the best method to earn money. Making money from EarnKaro is quite easy because all you need to do is just share the links on your social media accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram. It converts the links of eCommerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, or Ajio into EarnKaro affiliate links.

Whenever someone makes a deal through your EarnKaro affiliate link, you get a commission in your EarnKaro account which can be directly transferred to your Bank account. This app can help you in making a good amount of money if you were able to generate deals through your friends or social media.This app is also a good example of money earning apps.



Honeygain is the easiest money earning app as it seriously does not require any effort. The only thing it requires is a good internet connection if you have a good, fast and stable internet connection Honeygain is for you. Honeygain is the only app that allows users to earn money while sharing their internet connection. The more internet data it consumes, the more it pays.

Not only a mobile phone but you can connect your Windows Laptop or MacBook with honey gain to earn more money. All you have to do is share your internet connection with honey gain, the more the no. of devices connected to honey gain more will be the money earned.

Moreover, Honeygain now works on Content Delivery which promises passive income. Earlier it used to work on Default Network Sharing which used to pay only for the data consumed but now with Content Delivery it also pays for the amount of time it is active. The minimum payout of HoneyGain is $20.

9.UserFeel (Money Earning Apps)


Userfeel is based on the same concept as UserTesting.As already mentioned above User Testing is used by developers to find bugs, minors in their product before the final launch. Userfeel provides users with such websites and users are needed to test these websites according to instructions given by UserFeel.After the test users are paid for testing the website and sharing their feedback.

Before earning money and participating in user feel, Users are required to give a qualification test in which a website is given and you are required to walk through the given task with an audio and screen recorder.



Swagbucks is also a money earning app. You can earn from Swagbucks by completing surveys, playing games, open websites, download applications, and watch video ads. Download the application, sign up and start filling surveys and play games to earn SB points.

Swagbucks helps you discover new products and get great deals. Swagbucks users get access to great deals. It also provides cashback when shopping at popular websites like Amazon, Walmart, or Target.SB cannot be directly converted into cash rather it pays you in form of Amazon, Paypal, Flipkart, and Starbucks vouchers. This app also has a referral system, upon successful invitational you will get a 10% lifetime commission.

We hope that these apps will definitely benefit you and will surely help you in earning a significant amount of money. If you find our article helpful don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family. Surely they will be benefitted!

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